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Why Trump Should Pardon Assange

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About Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange has sought to end wars, uncover corruption, and expose illegal surveillance programs by publishing truthful information for over a decade. These publications have led to justice for victims of government abuses, reform of unjust policies, and the end of dictatorships. Assange has won dozens of prizes for his journalistic work, and hundreds of major media organizations worldwide have adopted the innovative technology pioneered by Assange and WikiLeaks.

But due to his effectiveness at uncovering government crimes, Assange’s work has angered those whose sinister activities he exposed. They have retaliated against him, and Assange is now facing 175 years in prison for informing the public by publishing documents that revealed war crimes and government misconduct.

Assange’s prosecution is a dire threat to freedom of speech and democracy in the United States and around the world. President Trump has the power to end this unconstitutional prosecution immediately and protect the First Amendment by pardoning Julian Assange.

How to Take Action

This website makes it possible to contact people in President Trump’s political network and encourage them to support a pardon for Julian Assange. Here is how you can help convince Trump to pardon Assange:

1. Click “Tweet” or “Message”

Next to the person you want to contact. This will open a prewritten draft tweet. If you don't like the prewritten tweet, click "Suggest Another", "See All Suggestions", or write your own.

2. Edit Message

Optionally, edit the tweet or write your own. Politely explain that Trump should pardon Assange. If you need inspiration, see Why Pardon Assange? for examples of what others are saying.

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Click "Tweet This". This will direct you to Twitter where you can send the tweet or direct message that you crafted.

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